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Saturday, December 24, 2011




  • Vacation Classes to complete all units

  • Target Group House Visit


  • Staff Meeting

  • Uploading of Half Yearly results in Harisree web portal

  • Target Group Parents Counselling

  • Commencement of Pradesika Patana Kendrangal
  • (Half a day-8am to 1 pm- on all Holidays)

  • Morning Classes for all

  • Evening Classes (2 Hours) for Target Group with refreshment

  • Counselling for Target Group

  • Special Coaching Programme for Target Group Using Vijayasree Materials

  • Revision work in regular classes and continuous assessment

  • Subject council materials for activities in the Pradesika Patana Kendrangal

  • Visiting the Pradesika Patana Kendrangal by GP & PTA members


  • Model Examination

  • Result Uploading and Analysis

  • Exam Oriented Coaching in regular classes

  • Night Camps for boys

  • 3 hour evening classes for Target group girls with refreshments

  • Online subject clinic to support the learning centres

  • Regular classes till Feb 29


  • Intensive coaching programme for the Target group from March 1-9

  • Previous Day brushing up activities for all Core Subjects


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