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Monday, May 25, 2015


1-day conceptualization workshop
Date: 25.5.2015 Venue: Jilla Panchayath, Palakkad

Jilla Panchayath, Palakkad has implemented projects named ‘Harisree’ and ‘Vijayasree’ with an objective of raising the quality of secondary schools in the district. The projects have realized significant achievements against the objective but the focus of the projects fell upon the final year of the students’ secondary school, that is, 10th standard. In the year 2015-16 the Jilla panchayath has declared that decisive actions to raise the level of learning of students from 8th standard itself will be designed to address this issue. Spandanam- developing and managing learning support system in all the secondary schools in the district of Palakkad has been announced in this context. It will be implemented as a pilot project during the first year of its implementation.
DIET Palakkad as the district level academic authority to design and develop educational programmes for the Jilla panchayath has convened a district level workshop to conceptualize the programme. The 1-day workshop will be conducted in the Jilla Panchayath Hall, Palakkad on 25th May 2015 and 45 participants will attend the workshop.
Objective of the workshop
1. Vijayasree
  • Analyse and evaluate the achievements of ‘Vijayasree’ programme in terms of output indicators, process indicators and contextual factors.
  • Identify the factors and processes of ‘Vijayasree’ to be improved, strengthened and added in order to ensure the sustainability of school quality.
  • Re-examine the goals of ‘Vijyasree’, set new goals or re-frame the already existing goals and develop approach, strategies and actions both for district and school level implementation of the programme.
2. Spandanam
  • Analyse and evaluate current status of teaching-learning processes, learning experiences and quality of learning in 8th and 9th classes in the secondary schools of Palakkad district. (Use Discussion sheet-1)
  • Identify the school level factors and processes to be instituted at schools for enhancing the quality of teaching-learning processes and learning experiences in 8th and 9th classes.
  • Set district and school level goals for ‘Spandanam’ and develop approach, strategies and actions both for district and school level implementation of the programme.
3. Harisree
  • Suggest actions to be done to improve the implementation of ‘Harisree’ programme and its components.
  • Participants develop a calendar of actions, both district and school level, for each one of the programmes discussed.
The list of participants attached to this proposal.
Provisions under DIET A.S
Activity-3 of DIET A.S 2015-16
Financial proposal
Attached to the proposal

M.P. Narayanan Unni

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